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The Guide-book –
In the region of Sluneční bay

Rediscovery of the region of Jaroslav Foglar

Many years have passed since the beginnings of searching in the region of Foglar’s Sluneční bay. The impulse to this task was given to us by the Club of Foglar’s Friends, which was founded towards the end of the seventies of the previous century in Ostrava and it published articles about its activities in the Culture Newspaper of Ostrava. During this period PKO of Ostrava and PULS of Ostrava, too started publishing exercise book editions of Rychlé šípy (Fast Arrows), which was inaccessible and little known. Just as people like us, the eyewitnesses, some time ago could not wait until Wednesday for the new issue of the magazine Vpřed, it was also the same with the publications from Ostrava. We gulped for us new and absorbing information, which revealed at least a little about the secretive activities around Jestřáb...

After a long silence, Jaroslav Foglar’s books started being published again. Záhada hlavolamu (Mystery of the Puzzle) with the adventurous unforgettable Rychlé šípy were published as a supplement. Most of the information at that time was available in the brochure of Stanislav Sohr „Zase zní píseň úplňku“ (The Song of Full Moon Resonates Again). We read these writings again and again with the cousin Tóny Stejskal. The Sluneční bay was not only described there but there were also its photographs – everything here was turning around Sázava near L… (this we knew that it was Ledeč nad Sázavou). After that everything went on smoothly. In the Special-purpose map we spotted a meadow by the riverbank, where near Veliká we could set up the camp. We went to that village and asked about Mr. Jeřábek, the owner of the famous meadow. It was such a coincidence – the first person whom we contacted at Veliká was Mr. Jeřábek (of course now the junior)! “Yeah, I know where the meadow is, after all we harvest hay there twice an year.” His father ran a farm close by at a seclusion called Rybníčky and he hired the meadow to campers at Sluneční bay. Memories were endless... on the very same day we rediscovered Sluneční bay.

(An excerpt from the Guide-book)

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